Nosework Diary: Practice – June 30, 2011

So my boyfriend works at a vending machine company with a warehouse to store there drinks and snacks, he lets me bring the dogs and practice nosework! So the whole warehouse was mine to search with the dogs!

the warehouse

So I went there today and did a bunch of different kinds of hides for both dogs inside the warehouse. Both dogs worked beautifully. I did learn that Dax can get very distracted with any other sounds in his search area, but he did eventually go back to hunting when the sounds stopped. Dylan‘s hides were confined to one smaller area, so he found them with no problems!

I am hoping to trial with Dax in August, so I am thinking about all the components of a trial. I am only really worried about the vehicle hides because it is something we haven’t done a lot of practice on. Dax searched the company’s two big trucks and my boyfriend’s car, and he did GREAT! It is making me more and more confident that Dax is ready to trial!

Dylan had never searched a vehicle before. I had tried last week on my car, but as my car is a small SUV, it is still too tall for his little nose to reach. But my boyfriend’s car was the perfect height! So I introduced him to vehicles:

DYLAN‘s First Vehicle Hides: Food in a medium tin.

I had Michele’s voice in my head remembering to start a pattern around the car and to keep the session short. Dylan had no idea what we were doing next to a car, but I started him close and down wind then just waited until I saw his little nose go. Once he found the odor (food) he took off straight for the car and sourced it in no time flat! He only had 4 quick and successful hides, but he rocked them! The only one he struggled with was the last one which I placed on the other side of the bumper, but when I say he had trouble, I mean he actually sniffed for almost 20 seconds unlike the others where he caught it at the start line!! =) I just love my little master of the hunt! Maybe he will be ready to trial soon too? (hey, a girl can dream!)

2 Responses to “Nosework Diary: Practice – June 30, 2011”
  1. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to reach my goals. I certainly love reading all that is posted on your website.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

  2. Jeff McMahon says:

    Great blog! Beagles have the best “scent personalities”. I’ve known Beagles to bay all throughout a search like an emergency vehicle blaring its sirens. Then there are the little Beagle detectives who should be wearing plaid and wielding the nasal equivalent of a magnifying glass. So much fun to watch – more fun to handle, i’m sure!

    If you need more K9 Nose Work in your life, there is an official K9 Nose Work blog now. You can check it out at

    Happy Sniffing!


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