Bay Area Beagle Meetup: Castro Valley (June 2011)

On one very hot afternoon, the Bay Area Beagles met up again in dog park in Castro Valley, CA! The boys had a grand old time, even in the heat. I on the other hand was half melted, but was happy to watch my boys have fun with the other beagles.

Here are the photos from the meetup:

See the entire album here.

Unfortunately there was one person there who soured my afternoon. She is a rather rude lady who was a “know-it-all” about beagles just because she was friends with a very well known beagle breeder and her father was a judge. She rudely started up a conversation with me by interrupting another one I was having, then drivelled nothing but insults about her over-weight beagles; followed by carefully picking out all the things that were wrong and not perfect with Dax and Dylan. How there was too much white on Dax’s tail and they would throw him out on that alone. (Which I then looked up on the AKC website and there is no specifications of color only of how it is carried!)

It took all I had not to make any disparaging remarks about her grossly over-weight beagles whom she toted could be returned to the breeder and made a fine stud dog. And she only talked about returning her dog because he was so fat and she had been promised a regular sized champion beagle. She also had a female who was twice the size of her male. I don’t even know how you let a dog get that fat without doing something about it!

She had me so grumpy afterwards, I was so happy when others shared my feelings of dislike for her. I just hope she doesn’t rope me in another conversation at another Beagle Meetup, or next time I might not be able to hold my tongue.

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