Nosework Diary: Class – April 30, 2011

Dax is continuing his rockstar career as a nosework dog in his K9 Nosework Class: Continuing Nosework III (Week Four) with Michele Garlick in Castro Valley, CA.

Today, everyone kept the dogs out of our “classroom” which was a gym area. Michele prepared two hides in opposite corners of the room. We had to search the entire room for birch and a birch/anise combo. The hides weren’t blind, but it was easy to act like it was. All the dogs in the class are getting really strong and had no problems finding the hides. Dax spent some time “crittering” (sniffing one spot on the floor for critter smell and not odor), but I was able to get him to refocus and he rocked it out. He even surprises me at times, since he is the smallest dog in the class I alway worry about elevated hides being too high for him, but he always manages to strech his little body to reach source. He streched up into the corner and wasn’t able to touch source but he was generously rewarded at maximum strech!

The second hide in the room was the birch/anise combo which made me a litte nervous. Since during last week’s field trip, Dax had a similar combo box hide, which he found but only alerted to the birch side of the paired odors. I was worred a similar thing would happen again, but Dax found it anyways.

Then to my delight, we did two ORT-like box drills since Dax‘s ORT was coming up quickly. I freaked out a bit when Dax didn’t find it as quickly as I know he could. But Michele quickly reassured me that it was because the “hot box” was located just below her odor kit and all the dogs seemed to have issues. I have a feeling I’m going to be on ORT boxes until Dax‘s actual ORT test in May!

I am completely hooked on the sport and I can’t wait for Dylan to start as well!


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