The New Puppy… DYLAN!!

So after weeks of watching Julie of Auburn Beagles post pictures of her litters of puppies, it was finally time to drive up to Auburn, CA to pick up my new little guy!

I had convinced my friend Janice to spend the 2.5hrs each way in the car with me because I was just so nervous to go alone. So as soon as she showed up at my apartment, I loaded up Dax we left. It was a long drive up to Auburn and I couldn’t seem to get there fast enough, but as soon as we pulled into her drive-way I didn’t want to get out of the car. I eventually did and then I met Julie and her brood of puppies.

They were the cuties things I had ever laid my eyes on and I wanted to bring home every one of them, but as soon as my eyes found my little one, I fell in love. He is puppy #5 in the CJ x Topanga Litter:

and is to be called Dylan, named after a sci-fi character Dylan Hunt. I spent a while in her little puppy yard as there was another family picking up another Auburn Beagle, so I got plenty of time getting a good puppy fix.

Then it was finally time to fill out the paperwork and pack up the puppy. I got Dylan in his little crate in the car and off we were on our way back home. Little Dylan cried almost the entire 2.5hrs home, only taking breaks to nap. Janice got a headache which she blamed on dehydration, but she was just too nice not to blame on the puppy. I had never believed that beagles were all that noise until I heard Dylan. He was barely 8 weeks old but already had found his voice. I already started to worry that my apartment complex would kick me out cause the neighbors would continuously complain about his incessant barking!

Dax and Dylan finally got to properly sniff each other once we got back to the apartment. I was nervous for the first 5 minutes, but knowing Dax‘s personality, I didn’t foresee any issues. They didn’t sleep in a dog pile like I though beagles just naturally did, but they did both eventually sleep.

So now my pack has grown by one. I can’t wait for him to get old enough to take outside and start nosework!


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