Nosework Diary: Class – August 21, 2010

A&W Root Beer Hard Candy

Dax started his second level K9 Nosework Class: Introduction to Odor (Week One) with Michele Garlick at the East Bay SPCA in Dublin, CA on August 21, 2010. I was so excited to move from having Dax find food to “hunting” for an actual odor.. BIRCH! (which smells a lot like those A&W Root Beer Barrels which is their hard candy. – which I LOVE!, so I kept taking hits off the oiled q-tips…)

Birch is the first odor which is taught to scent for. I even got my own little scent starter kit of a jar of birch q-tips and a few tins to put them in. A lot of the other people in the class already had their own air tight kits with all the oils and all kinds of tins, but most importantly a place for all of them in the kit. See here:

I am so super jealous of all my classmates who have their own kits, so I might be getting one of my own very soon… =) More updates to come and hopefully more videos!

3 Responses to “Nosework Diary: Class – August 21, 2010”
  1. Shaun Phillips says:

    Cool site, I had not come across earlier during my searches!
    Keep up the great work!

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