Puppy Playgroups

So at 8.5 weeks old, Dax started attending Puppy Playgroups. On Wednesday, I took Dax to a Puppy Social Play Group with Braveheart Dog Training in San Leandro, CA. He was only one of two puppies there, but he still found a way to have a blast!

The other puppy that was there was a 14-month doberman, who was wayyy too big and excited to play with the very little Dax. But they both still got to play and got all that very important socialization that all puppies need!

And then earlier today, I took Dax to a Puppy Headstart class at East Bay SPCA (Dublin, CA). There were a bunch more puppies, who were all still wayy bigger than Dax. However this time, Dax was a little bit braver so he actually started to sniff and tried to play with the other puppies.

During the class, they started going over some basic training. Dax is really working on his “Sit” and “Come” commands. For such a young puppy, I think he is doing very well! I can’t wait until we get this housebreaking thing down and for him to grow up a little more so we can start taking classes and start learning more complicated commands.

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