Dog Training Shows

In preparation for bringing home a new puppy, I’ve started watching all the dog shows I can (just like I did before bringing Talyn home).  I love Victoria Stilwell (@ItsMeOrTheDog) and her show “It’s Me Or The Dog“!  However it always amazes me how almost every episodes starts with the out-of-control dog’s owners say they never walk their dog! I never knew that this was such a terribly foreign concept to people.

Lucky, my first dog

I know I am not without fault as a dog owner, but I could never imagine never walking my dog.  My first dog, Lucky, was a backyard dog.  I got her when I was 11, and wayy too young to understand how to take care of a dog. She was so bored and neglected in the backyard that she destroyed anything and everything. Now I know that all she needed was a nice long walk every day.  The backyard is never enough for a dog.

It was totally different with Talyn, he never let me get away with it.  He would always let me know he was grumpy with the fact that he hadn’t gotten out yet.  I was lucky with him though, all he needed was just one walk a day.  But I know how boring walking can be, which is why I started doing agility.  It was something to do that got him that much needed exercise and it strengthened  our bond.  So now it is something I want to continue to do. Plus, if you’ve ever done it, you know how addictive it is!

Most problems that people have with a hyperactive or destructive dogs can be fixed (or at least extremely lessened) by increasing the exercise by walking the dog!  So remember…

A tired dog is a happy dog!


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