Super Agility Dog!

Dog Agility A-Frame

Talyn just finished his third week of his new agility class…. and he is a SUPER AGILITY DOG! He saw his first A-Frame and did spectacularly! I’m still peeved that he is in that class since he is head and shoulders above everyone else in the class, but they have all the fancy equipment that Talyn has never seen and is too expensive to buy myself… I am still happy that he is so good at this!! HURRAY!

4 Responses to “Super Agility Dog!”
  1. budhouston says:

    I hope you’re having fun at dog agility. Make sure to teach Talyn a two-on/two-off performance for the A-frame. You can probably teach this at home using a short plank that can be put up on a block, or even on the couch.

    By the way… Talyn is from “Farscape” right? And, your driving skills come from your Filipino side, not your Scottish. lol

    Bud Houston

    • talynsgirl says:

      actually, um, Talyn passed away earlier this month. He was hit by a car when he chased a cat into the street… I will never know how good he could have been at agility but he was definately on his way. (and he did know the two-on/two-off on all contacts)

      Talyn was from Farscape… the same name as Aeryn’s Father and the baby Leviathan….

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